Can you have a Savannah cat as a pet?

There are a few things to keep in mind when thinking of a Savannah cat as a pet. In general, having a cat should not be taken lightly. But having a Savannah cat is certainly a much greater challenge than a typical house cat.

The keeping of a Savannah cat as a house cat is controversial. It takes a lot of experience with cats and commitment to keeping an exotic breed. Generally is not advised to keep a savannah cat as a pet if one can not meet the high demands of this breed.

What is a Savannah cat?

The Savannah cat is an exotic hybrid cat breed. It is a cross of a Serval, a wild type of cat from Africa, with domestic cats. The Savannah cat belongs to the Hybrid cat breed.

The Savannah cat has beige-brown fur that is dotted with black spots. The body of the Savannah cat is light, muscular, and usually slim. She has long legs with the great jumping ability and jumps over 6 feet from a standing position. A full-grown Savannah cat, she can grow to be a foot and a half and weigh 10 to 20 pounds. She is considered to be one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world.

Do You Have sufficient time for a Savannah Cat?

The possession of animals is a solemn commitment. You have to look after the animal, ensure that it is clean, feed it regularly, ensure that it is kept busy, all in all, create a safe physical and emotional routine for your cat.

Some people are unaware of this when choosing a cat as a pet. Cat ownership typically requires less effort than owning a dog.

Cats may use a box of litter, while dogs need to carry them out for the company. Training is a field that is overlooked by many cat owners. A pet that does not work out often will be overweight and will be more at risk for a range of medical conditions.

However, it is straightforward for an animal person to cope with a fat lazy cat daily. Savannah cats are certainly more demanding than the average house cats and time obligations are for pet owners.

The cat’s high strength can be plenty of joy, but if you wouldn’t place yourself in the endeavor, it could also become a horror. This exotic cat breed is very relentless, and they are continually looking for ways to get your affection whether or not you want it.

Always be likely to participate with your pet for at least an hour every day. The longer you can commit yourself to them, the more the connection between you will be satisfying.

We strongly suggest you speak to the vet about fostering two siblings if you are willing to take a Savanna Kitten. With two Savannah Cats, your routine will be much simpler. It would reduce the time pressure on you if your Savannah raised with a partner. 

Can I leave my cat when I travel?

Finding a cat hotel where you can board a Savannah cat can be quite difficult. Not every animal hotel has caretakers that can deal with the demands of a savannah cat. Be prepared that you have to phone around a lot to find one.

It might be easier to find a caretaker that comes to your home to care for your pet. But even for that, you have to find someone who has experience with exotic wild cats.

How expensive are Savannah cats?

You probably know that a Savannah cat is considered to be one of the most expensive domestic cat breeds in the world.

A Savannah cat costs between $ 800 and $ 20,000, depending on the breed and the generation of the Serval in the family tree.

The regular monthly costs are also much higher. They eat more, go to the toilet more often, and ruin their toys far more quickly. The cost of having a regular cat is somewhere around $50/month while a Savannah Cat could cost $100/month.

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